Need You

IHA relies on the support of advocates like you to be the voice of Iowa hospitals at the State Capitol. With the ever-evolving issues and challenges that hospitals face, communicating a shared vision of health care in Iowa is crucial. Hearing from advocates directly is the best way to influence legislation that can ultimately impact your hospital, staff and community.

Advocacy 101 Training, February 26

Facilitated by IHA lobbyists, this training will review key talking points and IHA priorities and help advocates understand how to call out and effectively communicate with their legislators before discussions at the Capitol.


Legislative Reception, February 26

Designed to facilitate discussion between hospital advocates and legislators in a more causal setting, the legislative reception will set the stage for critical conversations before meeting at the Capitol for Hospital Day on the Hill.


Hospital Day on the Hill, February 27

It is crucial for hospital advocates to engage with legislators from a grassroots level and as the largest gathering of hospital advocates, Hospital Day on the Hill is the best opportunity to communicate a shared vision for Iowa’s health care system with policy makers as they develop legislation.


Can't make it?

Unable to attend the event? You can still encourage your legislator to take the time to meet with hospital advocates and discuss health care topics that impact Iowa’s hospitals and ultimately those in the community.


Our Advocacy Effort

Hearing from advocates directly is the best way to influence legislation that can ultimately impact hospital operations and finances as well as hospital staff and the communities they serve.

During the 2019 legislative session, hospital advocates have the opportunity to share the hospital perspective with legislators at IHA Hospital Day on the Hill. The goal is to utilize the knowledge and personal experiences that hospital advocates bring to the table, ultimately improving the outcome of legislative issues that are important to Iowa hospitals.

Hospital Day on the Hill is the largest gatherings of hospital advocates, making it not only the best opportunity to be the voice of Iowa hospitals, but also a great chance to network with peers. IHA encourages hospital advocates to plan now to attend as broad hospital participation is necessary to make each event successful and effective.