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IHA relies on the support of hospital advocates like you to be the voice of Iowa hospitals and their communities at the State Capitol. Communicating a shared vision of health care in Iowa is crucial and hearing from advocates directly is the best way to influence legislation that can ultimately impact your hospital, staff and community.

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Advocacy Briefing, Wednesday, January 25

On January 25, more than 70 dedicated hospital advocates, including CEOs, CFOs, CNOs and behavioral health care leaders from across the state traveled to Des Moines this week to advocate on behalf of Iowa’s hospitals, patients and communities at IHA’s first Advocacy Briefing, which focused on the important topic of behavioral health care.

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Hospital Day on the Hill, Wednesday, February 22

On February 22, advocates representing hospitals from across the state traveled to Des Moines to be the voice of Iowa’s hospitals, patients and communities at IHA’s Hospital Day on the Hill, which focused on the importance of Certificate of Need. Advocates reported having valuable conversations and provided legislators with the hospital perspective on why CON is important to not only hospitals, but the patients and communities they serve.

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Advocacy Briefing, Wednesday, March 29

Designed to facilitate discussion between hospital advocates and legislators in a more personal setting, this targeted advocacy event will focus on specific and timely legislative issues and features a panel discussion with key legislators. The smaller meeting environment will provide hospital leaders the opportunity to effectively communicate their knowledge and first-hand experience with legislators, which is crucial considering the changes in the overall political landscape, advancing technology and the increasing complexity of health care and legislative issues.


Can't make it?

Unable to attend the event? You can still encourage your legislator to take the time to meet with hospital advocates and discuss health care topics that impact Iowa’s hospitals and ultimately those in the community.


Our Advocacy Effort

Hearing from advocates directly is the best way to influence legislation that can ultimately impact hospital operations and finances as well as hospital staff and the communities they serve. That’s why IHA developed a new format for advocacy efforts in 2016, expanding from one large advocacy event to three smaller events.

Throughout the 2017 legislative session, hospital advocates will have unique opportunities to share the hospital perspective with legislators in the form of IHA advocacy events. This schedule gives hospital advocates multiple opportunities to have a presence at the Capitol and enhance the awareness of hospital priorities among legislators. The goal is to better utilize the knowledge and personal experiences that hospital advocates bring to the table, ultimately improving the outcome of legislative issues that are important to Iowa hospitals.

IHA advocacy events are the largest gatherings of hospital advocates, making them not only the best opportunity to be the voice of Iowa hospitals, but also a great chance to network with peers in the industry. IHA encourages hospital advocates to plan now to attend as broad hospital participation is necessary to make each event successful and effective.

Hospital Advocates can register for all three advocacy days; they are not limited to attend only one event. There is no charge for attending IHA advocacy events.